How To Switch Barbers?

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Unfortunately, he informs you that he isn’t available. As you can’t wait till the following day, you opt to try another barber within the exact same barbershop – one whose work you have seen before. That’s when you start thinking if changing your barber would be a good idea. As difficult a situation as it might look, 1 thing you have to bear in mind is that that’s your own hair we’re talking about. Whoever you choose to work on it, thus, is a decision that needs to be respected. That said, the ethical aftertaste of such action is often too strong to ignore. To eliminate possible awkwardness, use these tips whenever you are considering changing your barber.

Give them a Heads Up – We are all human and as such have the freedom to change our minds if we deem it the right thing to do. However, injecting some decorum to the decision will not hurt anyone. Give your barber a call and inform them of your choice. If they are professional, then they will respect and appreciate the heads up. Do not just show up two weeks later and walk straight to your new barber’s seat without informing the age-old barber. Although they won’t show it, it generally is an awkward feeling.

Be Open to Try out All Barbers – This tip works best if you have just moved to a different neighbourhood. This leaves you a bit of room to change barbers whenever the need arises. The downside to this is you will need to give instructions more than a than a couple of times to every barber. You, therefore, want to make sure that they are all capable and their hair cutting skills aren’t just above average.

Create a Transition Phase – By creating a transition phase, you ease the pressure on yourself in addition to your barber. You can achieve this through a range of ways. You can, for instance, have the new barber work on your beard as the current one does your haircut. On another trip, have the new barber do your hair and save your beard for your existing barber. With time, both will get used to the situation, and that’s when you can pull the plug without too much fuss. It is crucial to allow this transition phase last just long enough. Melbourne FL Wildlife Control┬ácan help out as needed.

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